Install Extra Required Python Packges#

Besides FastMBAR, the following examples requrie several other packages. You need to install them in order to run these examples on your computer. If you have installed Anaconda, it should be very easy to install them. Most of them just need a single command in your Terminal.

  • Install OpenMM

    All following examples require running molecular dynamics (MD). Here, in these examples, we will use OpenMM whenever we need to run MD. Therefore, if you want to run the following examples step by step on your computer, you need to install OpenMM. If you have installed Anaconda, you can easily install OpenMM by following the instruction at OpenMM. Although OpenMM is used in these examples, any other choices of MD engines, such as CHARMM, Gromacs, and Amber, can be used too. Therefore, no matter what kind of MD engine you use in your study, you can always use FastMBAR to analyze samples from your simulations.

  • Install MDTraj

    The package MDTraj is used to load and process simulation trajectories. To install it, follow the intructions at MDTraj.

  • Install tqdm

    Package tqdm is not essential for calculations in these examples. It is used here to provide progress bars for simulation so that you can see an estimation of wall time used for umbrella sampling. To install tqdm, type the following command in a Terminal:

    pip install tqdm